Under the arrogant Sun of May, walking through the muddy rain, I walked into the Phoenix tree beside the village. Fresh air dissolves into this quiet forest after the rain, walking along the path in the forest, carefully stepping, deeply afraid that the flowers which are stepped into mud by passers-by will be splashed again, […]

Two years

In autumn and winter, turn on the phone, and the screen shows: 2012.11.8. Another year’s November, the winter opening of this year is destined to be in another place. Although the present is more lonely and desolate than before, the difference is that the inner peace and unhurried, even if occasionally it touches the scene, […]


The car went round and round on the Panshan Road to Shennongjia, making people fall asleep. Fortunately, one or two families could be found next to the circling Road, in front of the low and worn brick houses, occasionally, the flowers and trees they planted gave me a boost. I called out their names in […]


Night unexpected, like a young girl dressed in black gauze, she pulled over a similar waiting, as if they were occupied by emptiness until a round of bright moon silently stared at me. I was shy and dare not look at me, but the strong attraction forced me to have looking at her several times, […]

I and

On weekends, I invited my friends outside. Working and eating all day long, only on weekends is your own, you can arrange freely, fly freely, why not go outdoors to rest assured! We came to an unknown mountain. My friends and I lined up, closed our eyes and took a deep breath. The air was […]