The Four Seasons take turns, and the time goes round and round. It turns to the annual Mid-Autumn Festival by accident. The Mid-Autumn Festival picks up the end of summer, and comes to meet the comfort of autumn. It is like a clock ticking, ticking, ticking, sending away the busy and hot summer, welcoming the […]


Cold in Sanjiu, hot in Sanfu. These are two sayings that have been circulated in the folk for a long time. Sanfu and Sanjiu are all talking about solar terms. When autumn has finished its mission, we will not hesitate to transfer the continuation of solar terms to beginning of winter. When our feet have […]

Years Kong-style

It is said that Nian is a monster, and the New Year’s Eve will go down to the Earth to devour babies. Therefore, adults will guard the children all night long. When they see Nian, they will light the long firecrackers prepared early, driving away the monster of the new year with abnormal sound, keeping […]

In Township

In September of 2007, due to the bankruptcy of the enterprise, the teachers of the enterprise were incorporated into the local area, and I was assigned to teach in remote rural schools. The children here are different from those in the city. It can be said that they are not as happy as the children […]