(Please do not reprint without the authorization of the author) Autumn to Jiangnan is another season of joy of harvest. Apricot leaves have turned yellow, falling down on the watercourse that the rocking oars have passed; Autumn insects murmured love words, whose girl sat in the big sedan, the sound of suona blew through the […]


There is an old persimmon tree at the head of the village with luxuriant foliage. Under the tree is a clean field, which is the rice market for villagers. No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter breakfast, lunch or dinner, villagers will come here at the same time. Although the days were light […]


Try to let go of your breath and find a place where your soul can rest. Living in the comfort of the soul, interpreting the soul and releasing the thoughts gently in the space that belongs to oneself. Let go of the heavy pressure of life, release the soul, fly the empty sky, spread your […]


I saw a photograph in the Naiman restaurant in this city, my hometown town, daqintala town under the night. Although the scenery was bright and glorious, I searched for it, but I didn’t find any shadow of the past. In that quiet night, I dreamed of the small town of my hometown, which was called […]


In December, my family welcomed the decoration of the new house. In the process of decoration, I was faced with the Centralized Purchase of all kinds of decorative materials. In this process, I had to contact with all kinds of dealers. I found that I didn’t even know myself. I usually ask several stores of […]


In a hurry, it had been twenty days since I went and went back. It was very fast and I had to step on the old place again, but it was also a hurry to go. I couldn’t stand half a step. Very fast, life is too fast, even sigh is helpless, after all, it […]