Foot line

Because of taking annual leave, I went to live in the country alone. Suddenly away from the noise of the crowd and the disturbance of work, I felt relaxed and excited. I am looking forward to such a life! The Tiger should return to the mountain, the bird should return to the forest, and people […]


When I say work, it is just a mentality. Maybe many people don’t think so. Maybe many people think that work depends on ability, skill and technology. But I still think that work is just a mentality. In our work, because of the functions of the company, many positions are divided, such as sales, planning, […]

Heart dream

If you fall in love with someone you shouldn’t love, no one can understand the scars in your heart. Facing separation, pain, betrayal and depression, I didn’t know that sadness was inevitable until the moment I began to doubt life. Some things don’t need to be asked, and some people really don’t need to wait. […]