Some people say that happiness means happiness with love. Some people say that having a lot of money means happiness. Some people say that having a car or a villa at home means happiness. Others say that having a healthy body means happiness. Happiness is a mystery that makes people unable to understand. If one […]

Small Town

When the Spring Festival comes, I sit at home and watch TV on the high-end sofa in the spacious and bright living room. I feel that the past is like a wild horse, and I can’t help galloping. In the late period of the absurd Cultural Revolution when Huang Zhong was destroyed and waloir thundered, […]

Sad boat

In the early morning of August 8, 2010, a debris flow disaster occurred in Zhouqu county, Gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Gansu province. Up to now, 1294 people have been missing, 127 bodies have been found, 117 people have been injured, and 29 people have been seriously injured and hospitalized. After the full search and rescue […]