Tanabata, I’m drunk. 820 will pass in half an hour. Maybe when you grow up, you can’t smell the fragrance of roses, you can’t touch your lover far away, and you can’t find the distant direction. I stood on the cross street, not lost my way, but didn’t know where to go. It was the […]


The small building had another east wind last night, and the past was unbearable. Yes, this sentence comes from Li Yu’s “Yu Meiren”, which is also a masterpiece left by him when he became a prisoner. After reading such poems, I have to say that it is the blessing of life, although it is a […]

With wine

For a while, I felt that I was abnormal. Because I don’t know how to face the world, or even how to speak to others; What kind of smile is natural. So that people don’t have to look at me with strange eyes. Every book and TV play I read, I will pay attention to […]


I don’t believe in Buddhism, nor do I have any Buddhist connections, let alone Buddha roots, and can’t understand buddhism. However, when I am quiet, I also like to listen to the ethereal chanting of Buddhism quietly. Relieve the tiredness of the day, often sit alone in the deep night, say goodbye to the complicated […]