Winter is coming, will spring be far away? In the cold environment, I look forward to spring. Growing in the South, I always feel that the cold winter adds a lot of troubles to people. In order to keep warm, I have worn too many clothes, which are thick and fat. In addition, the problem […]


A person is full of food and drink, and he is idle all day thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about the suffocation, why do you think this is coming! To be honest, it is better to save some precious time and find something you like to do […]


Are you okay? Are you okay with the person I care about? I really miss you for those who have traveled with me for a short time. Are you okay? Is there still my shadow in your life? Will you ever think of me in your future road? Thank you for accompanying me. I really […]


There are two kinds of dharma. People who enter the world are the world of mortals. The world of mortals is rolling. In the city, there are all the world of mortals. The capital of Tang Dynasty is Xi’an, and the transportation means are Carriages. Red soil in the North, what I saw in the […]