Spring yin

It is still winter, the cold air has not gone, and the cold air is blowing! Spring is dense. You see, people are jubilant and full of flavor of the year, which means that Spring Festival is coming and spring is bred. Look again, the sun at noon is warm, and it seems that the […]


Some time ago, I told my wife that when we pass this difficult period this year, we will also begin to learn financial management. My wife said, yes! Living at home should be carefully calculated. I asked a colleague about financial management these days, and he told me an example. If your monthly income is […]


The author of “poetry and soul”: the third child, May 7th, 2015, 20:46… recalling the past Chinese years and the nostalgia of tourists all the way. Beautiful pastoral style. Blue Air. The clear spring water is so sweet. The past years are gone forever. Nowadays, the temptation of reality is destroying the environment. Earth pollution. […]


Devout men and women like burning incense to worship Buddha, which is a kind of belief, but burning incense to worship an alternative fashion, which is very fresh. Some people say that a real man must burn three sticks of incense. If he doesn’t burn it, his emotions will be unhappy. If he burns it, […]


I once taught a teacher’s child, who was talkative, capable, ambitious and courageous. I once talked with her about teachers and her dreams for the future. She said that she would not be a teacher even if she was killed. This sentence hurt me deeply, but it also made me reflect on the profession of […]


Today is my birthday, although the first sentence my wife said when she woke up from her dream in the morning is: Happy Birthday to You, husband! My son’s first sentence is: Dad, wish you a happy birthday! Although, my mother also sent me some eggs, some sweet potatoes and some fruits in the morning. […]


That morning, our department did a physical examination for the staff of the public security bureau. When a middle-aged man with haggard face and vigorous steps walked into the door of the office quickly, from far away, I could smell the faint fragrance of Castor leaf on his body. It was known that he squatted […]


A boy misses a woman, from thirteen to thirty. Enough affectionate? He thought he was waiting for love, not afraid of turning into a stone. Count sick? In fact, he didn’t understand love, and ridiculously chanted sad verses: melancholy guests in the world, sentimental and sick. Life is no longer the first time to see […]