Although is the winter season, but recent weather did not seem cold winter-like, more or like autumn-like weather, sometimes very cold, but often quite hot. For new always count, year really to passed. 12 yue 31 ri, we to write about 12 yue fen of my month, festival hasn’t arrived, so years behind us write. […]


At the end of April, start a short trip, simple luggage and simple self, simply wave goodbye. The mood of not wandering also becomes relaxed and casual. The scenery outside the window becomes different, green and warm. The city is still noisy and prosperous. The boundless grassland is boundless, sending out merciful light under the […]


Because I am relatively simple, my writing is more persistent, because I think it must be very good and good to do one thing best. However, some people may think that if they are wrong, they will stick to it. If there is no market, they will stick to it. How to do it. My […]


Five One Small put 3-and-a-half days, my parents are not at home, homeless. I plan to take my children around the city and do housework! The first day: I slept with my child until 10.30, and finished breakfast. I began to wash all the thick coats for a day, searched them out for two days […]


Do what you like and focus on for a lifetime, just like loving someone. There will always be an echo when you love someone for a lifetime. Xiao Chan said that the days are too slow now. He doesn’t drive because he can’t and doesn’t want to learn. Don’t watch TV, newspapers, popular magazines, don’t […]