Why do you need mountains and rivers to participate in meditation, but the fire in your heart is cool. Standing in front of the temple and overlooking the Fujiang River flowing day and night at the foot of the mountain, the temple of Bliss, surrounded by mountains, could not help thinking of the Buddha’s words […]

In this

It is said that the city of Shenzhen is full of gold everywhere. If you are willing to loosen the soil casually, you will get unexpected gains. Therefore, there was a period of time when the troops heading south rushed to the city directly like a beginning. Shenzhen, which was directly linked to beauty, was […]

Night goods

On a midsummer night, there was a slight coolness in the muggy weather, but there was still no sleepiness at all. So, make a pot of green tea and sit quietly by the window with dim light. Seeing the tea leaves churning in the Cup, the faint tea fragrance floating out, refreshing people’s heart and […]