Many topics cannot be written down at the moment of writing. There are many reasons: some are sensitive topics, which may be deleted as soon as they are sent out. Another reason: even if it belongs to normal elaboration or criticism, if any authority sees that he doesn’t like it, he will be listed as […]


Before the sun climbed to the horizon early in the morning and the smoke of every family rose, I started my day’s work. Cold and summer festivals are repeated, never stop, and do not feel tired. In my consciousness, the sky is blue and the wind is amiable; The clouds are romantic and the streams […]


Current position: Prose> prose essay> mood prose> call from Lotus Lake-go to Dazhou to participate in the literature creation of young and middle-aged writers in Sichuan province in 2014, hold my hand and restrain my half-life madness Association, kiss my eyes, cover my half-life wandering Lotus out of the silt but not dyed, to show […]


Since the words came into my heart quietly, that kind of emotion surging like a tide could no longer converge. The tide of my heart flowed with sad words on the beach. I walked barefoot, feeling cold and cold, I don’t know when to start life, accompanied by words, lonely through spring, summer, autumn and […]

Fall Red

Today, I went to the countryside to visit my father, uncle and grandmother. Through a large peach and plum garden, I saw the flowers which were still in full bloom a few days ago falling under the tree one after another. The pink flowers and snow-white flowers were like fake flowers in my hands. In […]