No matter how strong a person is, there will be a fragile side in her heart, let alone a person who is not very strong in her heart. Although sometimes she is a little confused and a little slow to respond, but after a long time, you will find something. People are hard to be […]

qi yue

In the early morning of July, the breeze was slowly blowing, and the lotus leaves were swaying in the wind, just like the green sea. In the early morning of July, the Lotus was fragrant, and the flowers in bud were looming among the green leaves, just like the shy girl hiding and refusing to […]


I often addicted to such a picture: a stretch of green field and a simple free and easy figure across it, clothes elegant, deep fragrance I intoxicating garden, as the lyrics depicted: beans Green thin and long, cucumber cross-body green clothes, eggplant high play lanterns, radish underground hide-and-seek, Pepper long pointed beak, pumpkin the old […]

Years Kong-style

Too many memories are gradually forgotten as the age grows, but what remains unchanged is that they are still obsessed with the love of spring like a child! The spring of the year is joyous, and there are many rules in the joyous for the elders to stick to it stubbornly and dare not exceed […]


At the same time of knocking these two words, it was drizzling outside the window. The so-called sporadic light rain is the kind of rain that is neither tight nor slow, and the rain is small but not dense. When encountering such kind of rain, I usually react like this. Firstly, quiet life, stranded my […]