Cook a

Not waiting for the fallen flowers, not waiting for the autumn moon, this autumn, I am only responsible for cooking a pot of clear and light tea, waiting for a person to walk from the vast mountains and rivers. The wind only blows around the deep mountains, and autumn becomes deep. The falling sunshine, wandering […]


People say that the lotus flowers in summer stand gracefully in the pond, leaving its beauty alone. It brings comfort to visitors! People all envy! I think, I also have distinctive features, why not bloom my unique beauty? Lotus flowers are out of the silt without being dyed, while I am in the noisy streets, […]

Love is hard

Today, when browsing the web, the QQ window suddenly flickered. God knows, I almost don’t use QQ to contact now. If there is anything, I can call directly, which is fast and convenient. I clicked the window with suspicion, and a netizen named struggle bar youth sent me a message. Is it OK recently? I […]