A forgetful man, Sha Yue, lives at home. If you want to be a good man, you must be forgetful. Don’t bring home the troubles in social work. The leader gave a lesson, and the colleague ran a lot; He accidentally filled the wrong form, and was calculated 50 yuan in the business field; even […]


It’s almost Tanabata, approaching this ancient Chinese Valentine’s Day, my heart doesn’t feel moved. Love is as poisonous as a method, and as holy as crystal. Love is a beautiful fairy tale as well as an old legend. The word love is too noble and too humble. I didn’t want to mention it, but it […]


Walking alone on the path under the moonlight, I unconsciously brought you into a kind of beauty of the past memories. There was silence in the field, only the companionship of the moonlight that I would never give up, then there are the singing of autumn insects and several barking from time to time in […]


(At 10:56 on February 4, 2015, a ATR-72 civil aviation passenger plane of Taiwan TransAsia Airlines crashed while flying from Taipei to Kinmen, falling to Keelung River at the junction of Taipei and Xinbei. There are 58 people on board, which has caused many casualties.) The shadow of AirAsia is still not gone, and now […]


When I was cooking, I accidentally broke the small bowl of chopped green onion. With a bang, the little green splashed all over the floor, and a faint boredom suddenly rose in my heart, which made me feel uncomfortable, but I can’t tell the reason. I am not a superstitious person. Isn’t it a good […]


Time is an everlasting River. No one can surpass it and no one can cross it. Although its river surface is not wide and the water flow is not urgent, it makes all lives become the yellow flowers of yesterday, no matter men or women, no matter vulgar people, great people, ugly people or romantic […]

Slightly cold

The warm and cold days are filled with the slight coldness of early spring; The world of sunny snow is transmitting the clear, thin and cool artistic conception. A long-lost breath flows out from the bottom of my heart inadvertently, carrying a little warm, A little cold, involving the germination of heart in early spring. […]


The sunshine of spring passes through thick clouds and shines around the examination room. The sunshine on the playground is a little dazzling. The examinees standing or sitting under the green trees and small trees, some are so young and beautiful; Some are so handsome; Some are slightly immature and innocent. As a senior Uncle, […]