He lay on the bed quietly, imagining the way she got on the bus. She was very beautiful, with a shocking mouth and a deep scar around her eyes, it added some different beauty to her face between maturity and naivety, which could be called Demon governance and full of evil temptation. She doesn’t look […]

Road of love

During the Spring Festival, the cold wave hit people, making their teeth tremble. It was even worse at night. When I didn’t go to Liangshan Mountain, I was a Southerner. The South was relatively warmer, so I was very afraid of the cold. The roaring snow wind blew cracks on my face, feeling itchy. I […]

Pig not

It’s just that the skin is different, but the eyes and heart are obviously the same. What people see in their eyes is distrust, what pigs see in their eyes is sincerity and love, and what they see in their hearts is blood, but human blood is just stained by their own hands. Pigs just […]