I have been under pressure since I started working recently. Because it is a key work station, the pressure naturally comes. When I started to work, I felt like I wanted to escape. I am very afraid of what will happen next, involving myself. Only after work, the whole body pressure was relieved. You can […]

I love

On December 26th, 1992, at the foot of the Pagoda Mountain, along the Nanchuan River, colorful flags fluttered, Yangko twisted, waist drum shook the sky. With the sound of the whistle, the first steam locomotive drove out of Yan’an station. At that moment, deafening cheers, at that moment, how many people shed tears excitedly. At […]


A few friends followed the time very well. They came to my home one after another with pipe pliers, rhinestones and other tools used to install heating before. Several friends were quite capable. I prepared the dishes and put them on the table. The heating pipes of the four rooms and the four groups of […]


I once saw the book “understand life” in my friend’s place, but I didn’t put it down when I picked it up. The content in the book was reasonable with examples, the words were simple and plain, and things were like in my ears, but the truth was profound and true. After reading it, it […]