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It is normal to gather spirits without distracting. There are also times when you are out of control, but not as much as today. No matter how gorgeous the sunshine is, the breeze in the morning passes over the woods and blows on the high post, and your mind is always uneasy. The personnel in […]


Dear Mom and Dad: Hello! The learning machine and letters you sent to my brother and me have been received. Thank you! Dad, Mom, we miss you all the time during the more than 1,000 days and nights with you! How we look forward to your early return and reunion with our brothers! Dad, every […]


That morning, I went to the street to hang out and bought some daily necessities by the way. Near noon, I took a shortcut around the alley to go home. Tricycle was parked in the alley. An old couple squatted on the roadside selling muskmelon. The green and fresh muskmelon looked very attractive, which made […]