When listening to the lecture of poet Yang Xiuli in Putu, I began to write down, thinking of the “gift” written by Polish poet mivosh: such a happy day/fog dispersed early in the morning, I am working in the garden …… now I want to say: at such a happy moment, I sit quietly listening […]

I know

Those flowers that compete for excellence can see the beautiful circle with their eyes closed, the hidden lack of those, smart curves, the charming eyes can’t knock the string in my heart under the shining starry sky beside the proud flowers and plants on the ground my searching steps can’t stop my heart still guarding […]

Free line

After work, I had to go to Jishui for a stroll. By the riverside of the ancient city, there was a gentle breeze, which was infinitely lovely, but the warmth of early April and spring was gone. The sun is shining, sweating like a pig, and the water molecules in the city are shining with […]


April is coming to an end, and the South is already full of summer. Facing the hot sun, the exquisite and unique sunshade just bought came in handy. Two days ago, Mei, a client friend from Sinkiang, walked around the jade market for a few times. The air was hot and dry, and my friend […]