Although my mother is illiterate, I think she is an artist, at least in my eyes. When I was young, the living conditions in rural areas were not very good, but my ingenious mother always tried to deal with it. She managed the dressing and eating of the whole family, which was quite reasonable. In […]


There is always a trace of warmth left in my heart, remembering those stops, struggles, glory, or unknown happiness. I know that one day it will disappear. I always carry the beauty to commemorate the warmth I once had, the fleeting years, and the warmth with smile-written in the city in June in front of […]

Old Pond

Old Tangqi is my favorite. It is not only the first stop for me to walk out of my hometown, but also the place I am dreaming about. In the spring of 1970, at the age of 14, I took a ship from Zhangshan to Tangqi Middle School to study. Tangqi was in the east […]


Because 10 yue end talent test, 7 to 8 yue feel pressure also little, so every day on chi bi re xian and prose online, has written ten several poems and prose autumn night recollections, I also read articles and replies from literary friends every day. It was only one month away from the exam […]