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Maybe everyone has one or several unrealized dreams, which make you spend your whole life pursuing. Life is only the beauty that comes out, but not the glory that comes out. Without painstaking efforts, there would be no dazzling brilliance. I remember a story whose main idea was that there were two stones, one of […]


In a trance, I don’t know if I should write down these words. In the evening, the gray ceiling lamp on the roof of my bed, as long as I close the curtain and turn off all the lights, it will cause trouble on it like a ghost lamp. I can’t remember when it was […]

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To be honest, I did it as soon as I said it, and I did it in general. I don’t think I have done well enough, because there are too many people around me who have done well and well. Their executive force is better than mine, 100 times, 1000 times, three or two times. […]


It is said that Beijing began to be hazy from yesterday, but we have already returned to the Central Plains to the south. At this time, the Mid Autumn had passed, and the wild was green and blue. Even if I am now, it was cloudy but sunny. The rain of yesterday evening was cool, […]


On a rainy afternoon, my second brother and I went to the home of brother Mei, the writer of today’s writers association, who was once my roommate! When you enter a literary family, you feel that your vulgar taste and bad taste are a little incompatible with this. The host’s warm hospitality and harmonious conversation […]


Quiet and beautiful autumn leaves, light snow, maybe in this way you have the opportunity to feel the artistic conception of clear water and light clouds, and open up your own quiet sky in the hustle and bustle. We don’t do the gloomy clouds, but only the clouds scattered at any time at the height […]