Red plum blossom on the red rock, stepping under the feet of thousands of miles of Frost, no fear of the cold in the 39th, a piece of heart is open to the sun. The teacher taught us to sing a song when we were in primary school, the ignorant urchin actually didn’t know the […]


Mom said, the winter solstice is coming, and it’s time to count nine. But I am afraid of the cold, although I am ready to keep out the cold. A cold, numbness, light frostbite, heavy then pi kai rou po. But it is too hot, and it is not suitable for me. A little hot, […]


Lunar December 28, the day before the Spring Festival, the third day of beginning of spring. The small town is full of makeup, streets and lanes, full of joy, strong taste of the year. The bright colors of the red lanterns have dyed the whole city. When I got up in the morning, my heart […]