Small Town

Thirty years ago, I started to step on this Bluestone Road to school. At that time, I ran happily in front with my schoolbag on my back, and my mother followed me behind with breakfast. At that time, there were many grocery stores in the Old Street, and I could get a Stir sugar as […]

Tao fan

——– The strong planning of the government and the so-called scientific and wise layout adjustment when the schools were merged make the fate of schools that were originally weak but ignored in rural areas more difficult. In the big bank, education should be balanced, scientific, today’s sustainable development. The educational system of urban and rural […]


The dense clouds indicate the coming of heavy rain. That little light is fleeting like this. Leaving only a figure and disconsolate eyes. How to describe everything that is changeable? When people are caught off guard, there are still some disillusionment of hope, which makes all happiness disappear in an instant! A cup of thick […]


To be honest, Taiyuan is a good place. The sky is very blue. I like Taiyuan, but I just don’t want to stay here, because I still miss my hometown very much. There are thousands of good things here, which can’t stop my homesickness. I miss my sweetheart, the cabin I rented, the place where […]