The thinking and ability of self-protection are the instinct of life. In fact, it is not only human beings, but also many creatures in nature. Of course, the self-protection measures of many animals include not only preventive measures, but also emergency measures taken in emergency situations. People are different, because the advanced nature of people […]

Silk rain

From spring to the long gate, I heard the sadness of rain beating plantain on the gentle path. The grass is misty and smoky, and the Wild Goose crosses the canyang. In the light misty rain, the lingering and vicissitudes of the fleeting years are dark. Inscription the rain went down for a day, holding […]


The middle-aged with quiet years have passed through the immature spring, the hot summer and the beautiful autumn with quiet branches and leaves. The Four Seasons change, the years return, and the years flow like water. Unconsciously, time changed us from ignorant girls to middle-aged Chinese. Along the way, is the scenery in the journey […]


It was a Sunday afternoon, gloomy, with cold wind blowing and few pedestrians on the mountain road. We came to your door sadly, and suddenly our eyes lit up: a small silver cross hung on a small wooden stick, which was inserted in the brick seam. Obviously, someone came to see you, and it was […]


The graduation reception was held in a restaurant. After the dinner, the classmates who were as friendly as hands and feet for several years were going to go their own way. Some people were afraid that they would never see each other again in their lives. In the campus in July, there was a deep […]


During the years I lived in a big city, I felt a lot of pressure every day. Compared with the time when I was in my hometown, although there was pressure, I didn’t feel the smell that could not be breathed out. Perhaps, this is the characteristic of big cities. I have asked many people, […]