I have long found that my words are too self-centered, and I always narrate the fortune and life around me. I can’t see the outline of the whole world, and I can’t understand many mysteries and twists and turns of the world. The understanding is too shallow and the words are too light to bear […]

Love Words

In confusion, we have stepped on the threshold of winter unconsciously. Time seems to be frozen, walking so slowly and so hard. The calendar beside the window was densely graffiti into a mess by ink, just like my life track in this season, in a mess. The occasional memories are always full of sadness. When […]

A few degrees

The rain in March was neither light nor slow, neither urgent nor heavy. The rain curtain is swaying in the wind. On the road, the white Street when it was sunny had become a dark gray ink sea. Pedestrians passed by hurriedly. Some of them also wore umbrellas, some found a place to take shelter […]

Hard to say

After thinking for a while, I realized that it was vague, ambiguous and even helpless to say goodbye. Its two meanings (meeting again and never seeing each other), one makes people full of expectation, the other makes people die. Due to the complex interweaving of expressing the wrong feelings and participating in the meeting, there […]