In life, there are sunshine, darkness, prosperity and depression. People all want to pursue sunshine, enjoy the moisture of sunshine and get a prosperous life. But this is not what everyone can get. Only by striving forward in life and twists and turns in progress can the beauty of life be revealed. No one is […]


When I stood in front of Tiananmen Square for the first time, I turned around. Which direction did Tiananmen square face? That was before the Spring Festival in 2013, my son and I went to Shijiazhuang where my daughter was located. I stayed at her for three days, and the Spring Festival was coming in […]


Once writing was an unreachable thing for I am, maybe I am a nostalgic person who was easily moved by the emotion, scenery and friendship in life. There is always a bit of inner affection suppressed in my heart, which makes me spit out my heart and give myself a comfort. The deeper things in […]