Green Leaf

In the glass cabinet of the TV wall in my living room, there is a small photo frame of about seven inches, in which there are two thick and thin trees with unknown names, there are several green leaves on the tree. In the middle of the photo frame, there are seven wavy block bronze […]

Drink a

The first blooming petals flick down the hair, lingering at the gentle fingertips. The spring has already turned the branches Green, dancing in the sunshine with a piece of bright. In the soft spring light, the beauty of spring is lightly displayed, singing the green grass in the deep of the cold dawn. The sunny […]


If life is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind sad painting fan. This is the classic verse of the famous poet Nalan Xingde in Qing Dynasty. Yes, what a happy thing it would be if one’s life only remained in the beauty of the first encounter! However, in the rolling world […]