The years were long, the monsoon brushed over and over again, and gradually the years dyed a wisp of white hair. The long needle of time turned around the end of the year, and there was another circle of annual rings. I never realized that time was in such a hurry, and I felt in, […]


Self-discipline in our heart: if we come to this world, we may only leave our descendants. Many things recorded in history have little to do with ordinary people. But in any case, we must live up to God’s achievement of our own body. Someone must have a heart, and if you have a heart, you […]

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Are you used to living? Eat better! Can’t be a vegetarian! If I want to work part-time, I will definitely allow it. This is the director’s voice. And the former security guard, once when I fell down and knocked over his bike, he ran out to help me up and said, “it’s good that people […]


Immediately after the injection of anesthetic, the right face lost consciousness, as if it was stiff, as if it was swollen. Only half of the tongue is inspired, and I can’t speak clearly. I was a little scared. The doctor said, relax. It’s okay, which means everything is normal. I lay there with my eyes […]