Let life

In fact, I like traveling as many lives in my life. I not only like it, but also am deeply obsessed with it. Especially when I go to a place with profound cultural deposits, it makes my life linger, spaced out. To be honest, I liked traveling very much since I was a child, but […]


When I walked down the steps with a pile of books in my arms and walked out of the library, a familiar senior came towards me. After three or two greetings, he pointed at the old man who just passed me and said that that was Mr. Liu naichang. I was quite surprised. I turned […]


I rode a bicycle to the old mountain for a while. I met a girl walking alone in the Peach Blossom Pool and asked me how to get out of the mountain and take a bus? There is a driving school deep in the old mountain. She came out of the driving school. I was […]