For a beautiful legend engraved on the stars and the moon, deep in the smoke wave, I set out from the corridor of Xiangge and lifted up the seasonal dress in the world of mortals with the Lotus steps of Shanshan, sitting in the park, I borrowed the rhyme of a new word to see […]


There is no rain in the morning, touching the wind of May, sucking the fragrance of soil in the air, stepping on the soft wooden slow track or the green flagstones full of green grass, and moving forward as always, to find a feeling of time cycle. The dress of spring changed round after round, […]

long shu

When I got on the bus in the scenic spot, I felt relaxed for a while. The trees spread all the way, making me feel much cooler. My mood was gradually relaxed. The driver was very easygoing and enthusiastic, we arrived at the destination with chatting all the way …… oh! The momentum is very […]


Inadvertently, I turned around and met autumn again. She was always so beautiful and beautiful, especially after a trickle rain, which showed her calm and elegant temperament. In my eyes, she is more beautiful than Xi Shi, more charming and more graceful than Zhaojun. Maybe I can say that in this world, her beauty, her […]

Broken pieces

The quilt is warm, so I just wear a single coat. Pushing the door open, the air-conditioning went up, inside the trouser legs and neck, ah, it was really cold. Elders, suffer in the eyes. Mom aside blame. I nodded trembling. Lengnuanzizhi, although good. It’s good to mention it to relatives. Don’t hurry to put […]


When winter comes and spring comes, everything on the earth begins to change! However, it seems that something vaguely becomes forever, at least there will be no change before the end of life. Some reservations are precious, while others only add pain to people. Perhaps among those people they have, they don’t feel any unhappiness, […]

Dragon Boat Festival

In lunar May 5 of another year, the family’s Zhi Kui had already been worshiped in front of the ancestral hall of the hometown, right? When I was young, the wormwood I hated most was still hanging high on the door link. When I thought of all this, I couldn’t help thinking of my hometown […]