I have long heard that Xinhua has a Sanlian cave, which is known as the last secret territory in central Hunan. Friends who have been there say that although there are no strange mountains and rivers there, it is elegant and fresh, which is worth visiting. The day before yesterday was my imaginary birthday. In […]

Yao non-

In the morning, climb up, wash and dry your hair. When I looked in the mirror, I saw two strings of blond hair on the left half, which were extremely conspicuous in the dense black. At first, it was red, dazzling red, but now the color faded, yellow is still dazzling. With the wet hair […]


Due to the congenital allergy, I almost rejected all the strong smells in nature, and gradually got used to slowing down and fading down, making everything around fade down, I gradually get used to enjoying the faint loneliness and the faint fragrance of loneliness. I naturally understand that the fragrance of all kinds of spring […]

And desire

I woke up at five o’clock in the morning, lying on the bed, rummaging through Tencent news and watching the news of the last two days, especially the news of finance and economics and stocks, I am must-see. Two articles of today’s financial news shocked me with heartache. One is “The Legend of futures Liu […]


I don’t know when it started. I always feel that someone is following me. Wherever I go, it will follow me. At the beginning, I was afraid, because the sense of emptiness that I could not see and touch could generate fear more. So as soon as I got home, I quickly closed the door, […]

I use

I love literature. I don’t know when I began to fall in love with literature and regarded it as the pursuit of my whole life. In the big family of literature, I especially like prose, reading prose and writing prose, I had an incomprehensible love with prose. I think this kind of complex originates from […]