I don’t know why, but I forget how I heard this sentence. When I think of death, my mind will echo: What about death now? Anyway, I will die sooner or later. No one said that in the TV series. No matter how hard Feng Tang drank, he wouldn’t say that. What about Proust? I […]

Wind and rain

Wind and rain Life article/Ma Jiu (QQ:598845504) these days there are always light rain, and I feel that the rainy season is really coming. The rainy season of this year is late. If in previous years, the river near the house should have risen several times. Working outside, all the year round, always with the […]


A simple living in two places miss living in the Corps miss hometown, go back to hometown miss Corps, two hometowns can not be forgotten, really a simple living in two places miss. He came to the Corps in the 1970 s. After decades of life, he had already regarded the corps as his hometown. […]