People should learn tolerance, understand tolerance, be good at tolerance, and grasp the universality, sociality, pertinence, necessity and long-term nature of tolerance. Understand each other, help each other, I have you, you have him, this is tolerance. If there is no perfect person in the world, everyone will have problems and make mistakes. Therefore, we […]


That night, when the night wind kissed the dormitory, the glittering purple bells in front of the window rang. She couldn’t help thinking of the happiness that the shy little boy had never had. It flowed quietly in the bottom of her heart. She talked about several boyfriends in the factory, all of which ended […]


In May, I stood in the path of time and grazed my soul. I closed my eyes and looked back at the past. I had experienced several vicissitudes and ups and downs, and everything in my life was like smoke and clouds. The Four Seasons of Life, the alternation of cold and summer, have entered […]


Cool autumn and August, the weather is particularly refreshing. At dusk, I walked in Riverside Baili Gallery. Tired of sitting in the pavilion, enjoy this short and splendid soft time quietly. Seeing a group of flying birds carrying a touch of sunset glow into the forest, the rosy clouds in the sky were like gradually […]