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After a day’s rest, I turned off the phone. There were invitations yesterday noon and evening, so I quit unconsciously. However, it is time to quit the drinking in the past week. Once you have a rest, you will accompany your family. I cooked a meal at noon, and made it better at night. I […]

Home in

The mountains and rivers, fields, villages and vegetation outside the tall buildings could not reach my eyes, but I could imagine. They have been kept in my memory, active in my thinking and presented in my dream. That was the place where I was born and raised. At the foot of Jincheng mountain, there were […]


This time I went home, I was extremely unlucky. I obviously bought a sleeper bus, but I took an ordinary bus. I couldn’t hold that tone in my heart, so I asked the driver to make comments. As soon as I spoke, the driver who looked like maitrefu felt bitter: Brother, Brother, I’m really sorry, […]

Bone end

After a rain, the originally depressed air had a fresh feeling. At this time, sitting alone in the small room, listening to the shouting outside when drinking, tranquility is established in comparison. Outside the window is the courtyard where the landlord is located. In the past, there were still people coming in and out because […]

I love

In my life, I have a wide range of interests, such as practicing martial arts, walking, flower arranging, traveling and so on. With the Internet, surfing the Internet has gradually become a part of my hobbies. However, what makes me most delighted or most suitable for my temperament is reading. Yes, reading and I am […]


For each life, different family backgrounds, different living environments, different personal hobbies and different ways of education will inevitably make life to the present, it is an iron fact that the future or the past cause great differences in cognition and judgment, and there is no need to prove it here. Of course, habit and […]


To be ashamed, it was the first time for a man to take a plane in his forties. He walked into the cabin through a long corridor. Under the warm and polite invitation of the flight attendant, he found his seat, put away his luggage, and then turned off his mobile phone according to, fasten […]


Always wanted to write about grateful or gratitude text, to me survival of era and this era bring me more some, but, Title thought, document established, the illustration also completed, text long-awaited to beginning not out. All, all become very fuzzy, even cinema grip not. How was such a proposition composition got stuck, thought soon […]