Blue eye

In the season of rolling leaves and remaining edges, sadness overflows. The white clouds covered the sadness of the Angel. Did time change him or his mood? He couldn’t write clearly with a few words about his desire to speak, and the reality with broken wings made him tearful. Through the crevice of withered yellow […]

The dream

Time is engraved on the past, and whether the persistent dream ripples due to the quivering between dribs and drabs. The passing time, the passing warmth, the cyan sky, the clouds and haze have already disappeared, a dream of wind, flowers, snow and moon. Whether you are overlooking the distance now with your sad eyes. […]


I have been wandering for many years. When I arrived in a city, I looked for houses everywhere and followed the landlord to go upstairs and downstairs to see four or five places. The houses in the secluded alley are dark and dull, the houses in the suburb have inconvenient transportation, and the houses in […]