When I was having lunch, I found something black appeared in the bowl, and instinctively picked it up with my hands. Then I realized that there was a flickering black shadow in my right eye, which was projected into the bowl. My mother-in-law said: It may be the same as me. It is the precursor […]


The night is already very deep. The noisy village town gradually calmed down like a tired baby. I didn’t sleep, lost sleep, and didn’t feel sleepy at all. I have asked myself for thousands of times, but I can’t find the answer at all. I only know that my heart is blocked with sulk, upset […]


Bizarre and colorful; Dreams are hazy and real. All living beings in the world of mortals are busy, chasing their dreams. I grew up in a small town near Jialing River, the land of abundance. The sun, moon, stars, rainbow in the mysterious and high sky, as well as the gorgeous morning glow and sunset […]


Looking up at the sky, you can’t find a star; Looking down at the ground, you can’t find a way. It seems that life will always go through such a period, with rainy rain and heavy mist. You can’t see the past or the future clearly. Everything seems to be covered with a layer of […]