The trace of time, transmigration in the boundless, rhyme, in the heart, graceful and restrained into a sentence, weave yourself a dream of love, set a period of time of peace, sunrise to the east, sunset to the west, with the autumn wind folding, it is warm and cold. Inscription the autumn sun in September […]


Four seasons of the year, spring sowing, summer busy, autumn harvest, winter storage, winter is the end of the year, all memories will gradually accumulate in this season, and then slowly settle down in the gentle winter sunshine, it is best to soak a pot of oolong on the frozen top, open an old photo […]


There is an alley where I live. It is a small road on the main road, which is very remote. I seldom take this road because it is narrow and partial. In the white crane town of Shanghai, there are many small streets and alleys, many old houses, densely populated and numerous houses. Today, I […]