I always feel that the years are in a hurry, and fate is like a naughty child, making a joke on you unconsciously. However, when we get used to this kind of thing, we all learn how to deal with it, among which there are many protesters, but 9% and nine became ideal slaves. There […]

You is

If words are like sheep, you are a shepherd. Blue sky and white clouds, you will graze your beloved sheep on the vast grassland. Sheep are flowing like clouds. Your thoughts travel in the blue sky with floating clouds. All the troubles in the world are poured into the sky, turning into the realm of […]

You is

Anke has fallen into every touching word in the poetry. Anke has studied every interesting analysis in the constellation. Love is a wonderful feeling. Anke can’t escape his love for him. He is in a mess in his heart. When he sees him, he will panic and be out of his mind. Anke thinks Love […]


Tintin went to the reunion and heard that her wonderful life started from the first reunion. My dad was also invited to participate in the second reunion. I heard that this time was particularly wonderful. At that time, there were few students, people of the same grade gathered together, and many teachers who had settled […]


The Old Man and the cat appeared in front of the office building almost at the same time in the spring of that year. The black fur was draped, and the skinny bones were lonely, and the eyes of seeing people were dodging. The voice was low, pitiful. The cat squatted cautiously at the entrance […]


Narration is so sad and beautiful. If it is not the amazing intelligence, it is difficult for narration to be free and unrestrained; Ordinary narrators still need to lay out the ways and methods of planning articles, so as to make up their weaknesses with this skill. Of course, speaking ways and methods may still […]