Hand in Hand

The fresh green seems to flow in the clouds, into my eyes, into my heart! I am tired of the prosperity and noise of the metropolis, get rid of the Troubles and confusion of the secular world, and look for the long-lost green with a happy mood alone. When the plane left the airport slowly, […]


Is that you? Or is it me. I looked at the dozens of paper full of words and searched for a long time. I can’t find my tears, but I know that I write about the beauty of life, and you are criticizing my troubles. Is that you? Or is it me. Along the way, […]


When people reach middle age, the past events are played back in their minds like movies. Some people say that recalling the past is a manifestation of aging; Others say that recalling is the dissatisfaction with the current life and the beautiful memory of the past; I think recalling the past is the enjoyment of […]