The weather is good this morning, plus working overtime for several days, I feel bored and anxious, and it is rare to go out for a walk. I decided to ride a bike and make a long journey to Taiji Island. Walking on the broad Riverside Road, the clear river along the road, the surrounding […]

Call flower

I always have the desire to write and the pursuit and dream of writing in my heart, but sometimes I feel that I am ambitious. I have not been a smart and active child since I was a child, and I am not a smart and capable person until today. I only read a five-year […]


The new year is always coming with calm steps. But why do I always feel that it is a naughty child, stealing the years without admitting, so that there is no 365 days in a year. The desk calendar on the desk was swiped to the last page. With the faint fragrance of wintersweet in […]