I don’t know since when, I suddenly find that on the urban and rural roads of Junan County, in the day and night, there are police cars patrolling around you slowly by accident; on the streets of the county, the heavily armed special police were on duty, while the special police riding motorcycles were quietly […]


It’s hard and happy for Ye Zhou to call Grandpa da da da is Grandpa Da Ren how do you teach, little grandson is not called Grandpa. If you reach it, you can reach it. Anyway, it is the little grandson who has the final say. In his place, Da is grandpa, and Grandpa is […]

Children traveling

The car galloped on the street in winter, and the wheels made a stuffy sound under the feet. On the cold seat, the five-year-old son had already fallen asleep in the jolt. Seeing his innocent sleepiness was really enviable —— in his world, it was full of beauty and fantasy. All these need me to […]

Let heart

Let heart, on duty that night on the way, I went downstairs. The Moonlight is a little fuzzy, I can’t see the stars. The gentle wind messed up my hair, and the air was filled with agitation. I heard the faint resentment of the rose and smelt the slight sadness in the wind. Alone, walking […]