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“Autumn Wind wounds” The rain is drizzling and the wind is cool, the Autumn Fragrance is light and the flowers are withered. The Cold Dream of the first night fell down, and the road was long and empty. Time always abandoned us ruthlessly, leaving us only those trivial and vague memories. Inscription/The last drop of […]


When I was fifteen or sixteen years old, in the hot summer, I rode a bicycle with my friends and traveled more than 20 kilometers to Shanglin Lake, beside the reservoir dam stands a stone tablet of Shanglin Lake Yue Yao site, a national key cultural relic protection unit. At that time, the roads and […]


In the Lonely summer, a few idle floating clouds slowly floated in the sky, drunk the wind that wandered occasionally. Summer is like a beautiful woman who soothes the dance sleeves, with the rhythm of no illness, charming and graceful, and unique elegance. The messy sound of decoration, shouting and passers-by’s conversation came out of […]