Spring breeze

The recent work is so busy that I drag my tired body home every day. After returning home, I used to come to my not generous study, press the light on the study, pour a cup of hot tea, turn on the computer, and under the light, I have a single bed covered with new […]


People say that everyone has a surrounding city in his heart, but I don’t want to escape. On the bus, I think if I can stay at school all the time, I am not willing to come out. During my two-year college career, I did not leave school, if not necessary. Near seven o’clock, the […]


I don’t understand the tea ceremony. The abstract of green leaves rolling like Dragons entering the water, or the intoxication of light fragrance blowing on my face, just listen to others’ explanations, think with ears, and think with tongue. A long time ago, I read a foreigner’s brochure, talking about the actions and sounds of […]