Sometimes life will make a big joke for you, and give you a surprise! In life, sometimes we cannot control ourselves, so we can only accept and cannot escape. The sun rises from east to west and falls from West is everlasting. We only have to accept it and there is no other way. The […]


I don’t know when this almost common sense thought of myself turned out to be a luxury. After leaving home for a long time, my impression of home became particularly blurred, while my obsession with home doubled as many as possible. From coming back from school to going out from home, as well as my […]

Ru Lake

“Memory of Ru Lake” Ru Lake, there is no lake. It is just an ordinary place name in Jiangnan water town. There is a river in Ru Lake, which runs through the whole town from north to south, merged into Yao River through horses and flowed to the East China Sea. I still can’t call […]