I often read newspapers and books. When I read some leftover men and women or other love stories, I cannot help sighing that they are struggling for great love in their lives, and when they fail to pursue it, some chose to die. Life is precious. Life can’t stand the test of time and frustration […]


It has been almost ten days since the mid-autumn festival. The sun was shining every day before, and these rainy days came one after another. Especially today, the dripping rain is falling down. The trees on the hillside are washed by the rain in the past few days and the grid is fresh and bright. […]


I have lived in this community for seven years. I like this community mainly because there is a lake on the opposite side of the community. I like walking on the green path around the lake and living beside the water, compared with the river-pillow family in the old town in the south of the […]


June was originally a blooming summer with red flowers and green grass. Why is the Yangtze River sobbing? Rainy but the sky is sad? What is the reason of a ship with more than 400 people suddenly turning over? Why the first time was not to send out a signal for help, but the captain’s […]