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On the New Year’s Eve of the Year of Tiger, the family got off the passenger plane in Hong Kong and Hangzhou and took the bus back to Taizhou. Along the way, the boat was tired, and everyone was sleepy. There are almost no other vehicles on the highway, and it seems that only the […]

A Zen

The days were turned page by page inadvertently, and there were only a few days left in 2014. Looking back on this year and even in this life, how many missed ties and customers are there? Those acquaintances and acquaintances finally faded away, and those blind dates and lovers finally separated. The good will last […]


You said: You are like a woman! When I was young, I came here like a leaf. I won a sincere smile with hard work. I have seen flowers and flowers, and I have seen the falling clouds. I am not the daughter’s call to you. You are reluctant to stay away from your colleagues […]


The Haunted south of the Yangtze River is like the beauty in the ancient lady’s painting, with decent clothes, graceful and graceful walking down from the painting, holding a high bun, slender eyebrows, slightly open apricot eyes, a classical and elegant flavor, let people linger. Long and dark alleys, jade stone railings, fresh water-like atmosphere, […]


In such a warm afternoon, after finishing the work at hand, I felt relaxed for a while. I didn’t know what to write, but I felt that I had a lot to say, I haven’t written anything for a long time. I just feel that there is no ink in my chest, and I don’t […]