Before getting up this morning, the family member reported a good news to me, saying that it would snow today and asked me to take some photos of the snow. I waited for a day and didn’t see snow until it was dark, even a few snowflakes. Suddenly enlightened, it seemed that it had not […]

Often back in

New Year, New Year, New Year today. The train of the Spring Festival is just like a long dragon, running again in the Spring Festival after a year. Student flow, migrant workers flow and family visit flow once again became the mainstream of the Spring Festival. The narrow and narrow carriage carried passengers from all […]

And poetry

Having an affair with poetry article/The modern poetry I read in Ji Yue University impressed me most is this sentence: my loneliness is a long snake, and the reason why it is profound may be that: at that time, Liao Liao’s loneliness in his heart was like a cold and long snake. Now I read […]

Who will

When I was in the dream of lasting love, I laughed at myself. My friend said, “What qualifications do you have to say love? Where is your home? You should work hard, and then everything will be available. Is? Maybe no one would know who, and never understand. The Hope buried deeply would never die, […]


What I said about going to the countryside was neither a leisurely trip to the countryside, nor a trip to the countryside with this position and identity. This kind of going to the countryside is a short-term going to the countryside. Players going to the countryside play happily and inspectors going to the countryside drink […]