Life seemed to lose all the taste suddenly, and looting materials seemed to grab a lot of salt and put it into mouth to make up for the vacancy of taste. If you don’t feel satisfied, you have to grasp more and kill those sensitive and tiny tentacles on your tongue. Therefore, I have left […]

A curtain

A curtain of dreams on the bus this morning, there were not many people, but there were no seats left. As soon as I got on the bus, I found a slightly empty territory and stood up, looking out of the window bored: outside the window, the drizzle was misty. Trees, houses and people in […]


In those years, I resolutely escaped from the southern seaside city which had stayed for eight years. Even though the city was praised as a garden city on the sea, it didn’t stop me from escaping. The city is so beautiful, but I just can’t love it. It’s hard to divide the Four Seasons. Even […]


The Bell at the end of the year vaguely timed the beginning and end of everything, and the 365 days along the way all timed the work and passing of life. In a modern humanistic view of independent wisdom and sovereignty, it is no longer like a few years ago or more than a decade […]


If the end of darkness is the morning light. I would rather be the lamp holder between heaven and earth, waiting in the dark cold night until dawn. Inscribing a happy period like a dream is my expectation for life. There will always be such moments in the mood. There is no important reason, but […]


The weather is still a little cold, the weather is good and bad, a spring snow is as tight as a spring snow. Inadvertently, the spring breeze woke up in sleep to cheer up, and began to push the plate again and again in the silent winter. The air became a little hot and turbulent. […]