I am

The father of a friend found a job many times, but was rejected by the employer. If you refuse, you will refuse. After all, it is over 60 years old. Just a few days later, the big dad next door suddenly said to me sullenly: Today, I went to the company to apply for security, […]


I thank God for his favor. I know that although I have experienced a lot, I am still lucky in general, but the pressure and happiness brought by this kind of luck are superficial. I can’t really be happy. What age brings me is not growing up, but learning to hide, show people with cold […]

Spring snow

When I got up in the morning and looked out of the window, I saw the snow outside was confused. The wind seemed to be afraid of disturbing the sound dream of spring snow. I didn’t know where to run and left the snow elves playing as they wished. Snowflakes are spreading in the air […]