(1) at first, all kinds of small food were tempted, and then I played the game of throwing a pen cap and picking it up by hands, playing the game that his hands were hidden in the bed and caught by me as a little mouse. When I opened my arms to hug him into […]


The labor union of the unit held a reading Conference. The chairman asked me to talk about the feeling of reading. I was driving Ducks to the shelves, because I didn’t read more books than everyone else. But the chairman was very overbearing. He insisted on asking me to say that I dare not say […]


During the Spring Festival this year, the son who hadn’t received the coming-of-age ceremony suddenly bought a silver ring for his wife with his lucky money. When I was having dinner that night, when my son handed a small red box with exquisite packaging to my daughter-in-law and said that he wished my mother a […]