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Keeping the warmth like the sun, watching the world full of troubles, the sound of knocking was clear but strange. At this time, the sky was getting dark, and there was no doubt that the orange color of canyang went down to the West, let alone the snow scattered in the folds of the mountain; […]


When the stomach signals hunger, we will feed it food; When the soul signals hunger, we will also look for spiritual food to nourish it. Maybe it’s just a painting, maybe it’s just a small piece of sunshine, maybe it’s just a hint of green in winter, maybe it’s just an ancient poem. After reading, […]

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On the way to work this afternoon, I saw a temporary stall on the street crowded with people. They all bent down, bowed their backs and lowered their heads, concentrating on what to do. Out of curiosity, I opened the crowd and squeezed into it to see what happened. It turned out to be a […]


On a sunny spring day, several schools held a sports meeting together. I was responsible for recording my scores. Many children who had been taught in my previous school came to talk to me, which made me sigh with emotion, after three years of absence, these children and boys have grown taller and stronger, and […]